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    India, at present has a population of 125 crores. It aspires to become a super – power in Asia. To achieve this, our human resources should be developed to a tremendous level. It is a universally acknowledged tangible fact that the progress and prosperity of any nation depends mainly on the strength of its human potential. This in turn depends on the quality of education imparted to the younger generation which will enhance one’s intelligence, rational thinking and all positive personality traits. Read More..

    The traditional concept of education was inculcating in the minds of the students the accumulated knowledge, culture and social values from generation to generation and develop their personality. But with the complexity of the present age due to globalization, industrialization and explosion of knowledge in the field of Information and communication technology, our present system of education needs a sea change, “ The National policy of Education (1986) Read More..

Karanthai Tamil Sangam

    Thanjavur, the granary of South India, has two diamonds on its crown. One is the World wonder Raja Raja Chola's Pragadeeshwara Temple for its architectural excellence, and the other is Karanthai Thamizh Sangam (1911) that was founded with the purpose of developing Thamizh language and Thamizh speaking people. Karanthai Thamizh Sangam was founded with its motto to develop and patronize Thamizh exclusively. The first President of Karanthai Thamizh Sangam, Thiru.T.V.Radhakrishna Pillai, handed over the headship of Sangam to his able and beloved elder brother Thiru.T.V.Umamaheswaram Pillai, a renowned lawyer and visionary of Thamizh, under whose leadership Karanthai Thamizh Sangam laid a strong base for the present glorious state. Thiru.T.V.Umamaheswaram Pillai, who was a veteran Tamil Scholar and Philanthropist served as the president of Thanjavur Taulk Board and involved himself in many socio-cultural and religious activities. Being the president, he made many social reforms.
    Tamilavel's unsatiable thirst for the development of Thamizh made him to incept Karanthai Pulavar Kalloori in the year 1938. His great vision and aspiration to develop Karanthai Thamizh Sangam and to raise it to the level of Rabindranath Tagore's 'Shantiniketan' and 'Vishwabharathi University’ did not end as a dream on the banks of Sarayu river, where his holy ashes were made universal. Thiru.S.Ramanathan, the grandson of Tamilavel, has taken up the task with a vow to make his dream come true. Former President and presently the Secretary, Thiru.S.Ramanathan was the pivotal center for the starting various institutions under the governance of Karanthai Thamizh Sangam.

Institutions under the management of Karanthai Tamil Sangam

1. Tamilavel Umamaheswaranar Karanthai Arts College. Ph: 04362-250349, 254049
2. Umamaheswaranar College of Education (B.Ed.,) Ph: 04362-254449
3. Umamaheswaranar Teacher Training Institute (D.T.Ed.,) Ph: 04362-252570
4. Umamaheswara Higher Secondary School. Ph: 04362-250198
5. Radhakrishna Elementary School. Ph: 04362-250580
6. T.S.Pallanisamy Pillai I.T.I. Ph: 04362-250766.